“We believe blockchain is more than just ICT innovation, it facilitates new opportunities through an emerging economy”

About Us

The Blockchain Revolution

The blockchain revolution is here and industries will never be the same. From the way we send value without borders (bitcoin), and the creation of tokenized economies (Ethereum), to how payment systems will become more optimised (Ripple). Blockchain technology transforms business models whilst increasing the speed and velocity of existing processes.

Network and Knowledge

Megalodon Capital founders have been part of the blockchain industry since 2011. With our combined network and knowledge in relation to blockchain (trading cryptocurrencies and assisting setting up blockchain businesses), we are able to provide our investors unprecedented access to the world of blockchain, whilst also operating within a regulated framework.


Our prestigious team is experienced in both traditional finance and blockchain technology; having strong connections in the blockchain space with promising entrepreneurs, top blockchain developers and other investors (e.g. venture capitalist, angel investors) around the globe.


We offer three different investment categories for professional investors. These different categories allow our investors to diversify their portfolio of blockchain assets.

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    Bitcoin Core Fund

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    Altcoin Fund

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“[Bitcoin] is a remarkable cryptographic achievement… The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value.”

— Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, Mar 16, 2014

There are over 1,100 cryptocurrencies having different technical differentiators and price. In our view, this is merely the beginning, as blockchain and cryptocurrencies will only continue to grow. Megalodon is ready to be your trusted and regulated gateway for investing into blockchain assets:


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